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Today we’re looking at Bus lanes, when you can use them and when you can’t. (I’ve not got any pictures of bicycle lanes, but the rules are exactly the same for them.)

Please be aware that on your test, if you’re allowed in a Bus lane and you don’t go in it, you could fail your test by making people undertake you (pass you on your left.) However, there may be some situations where you’re allowed in the Bus lane, but you choose not to use it. Some examples would be,

My big tip to you is if you are allowed in the Bus lane but you choose not to use it, TELL THE EXAMINER WHAT YOUR REASON IS, then they won’t think that you’ve not read the signs and therefore won’t fail you!

So, in this first example, when you look at the blue sign (which you must always do when dealing with Bus or Bike lanes) there are no times shown, therefore you can NEVER go in it (except for a real emergency).

This next one is on Lancashire Hill and the blue sign says, “Monday to Sunday 7am till 7pm”. This means you mustn’t go in it during those times, but outside of those times you should use it.

This last one is on the A6 and says, “Monday to Friday 7am till 10 am,4pm till 7pm”. So again, you can’t go in it during those times, but outside of those times you definitely should use it.

You’ve probably heard the phrase “middle lane hoggers” on motorways and it’s the same principle as this. In England we drive on the left, so whenever possible we try to use the left lane for normal driving and the right lane for overtaking or turning right.

Don’t forget there’s some situations where you might be allowed in the Bus lane and choose not to use it, but definitely LET THE EXAMINER KNOW WHAT YOUR REASON IS and that way they won’t fail you for thinking you hadn’t read the signs.

If you need any help, get in touch and let’s have you dealing with Bus lanes in a hassle free way!

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