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So in this really short piece we’re looking at No Entry signs. They’re straight forward (as long as you spot them!) and the main thing to remember is to never drive down a road that has No Entry signs at the start of it.

On your driving test you may well come across some No Entry signs, and the examiner will NOT point them out to you. They expect you to respond to all the traffic signs that you see without needing any help, and therefore go in a different direction to the No Entry sign.

Take the example below, as you’re driving down this road you can see two No Entry signs ahead (the left one has been twisted a bit), and there is a side road to the left (just before the signs). If you go down a road like this on your test, the examiner will expect you to see that there is a road to the left, and safely turn in to that road without any prompting from them. A great way to spot side streets in tight estates like this is to look for gaps in houses, or gaps in parked cars!

Safe driving, and see how many No Entry signs you start spotting while you’re out and about.

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