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During your driving test there will be times when the examiner gives you directions, and at other times you’ll either be following road signs, or a Sat Nav. The examiner will let you know when the independent part of your test starts and finishes. Here are some tips to help you avoid any problems or stress.

The examiner won’t help you to make decisions, but you can ask them to repeat or clarify any directions at any stage during your test.

Let’s say you approach in the wrong lane for where you’re supposed to be to be going. Rather than risk changing lanes suddenly or braking hard, you can continue to go where the lane you’re in tells you to go (as long as it’s legal). Always put the safety of you and others around you first, and you’ll be fine!

Another option for you if you’re confused about directions is to find yourself a safe place at the roadside to pull up in. Only do it if you know it’s safe to, and it’s a good idea to let the examiner know what you’re doing.

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