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On the day of your driving test you’ll usually do a lesson with your instructor prior to taking the test. This gives you a chance to go over anything you need to, plus you’ll end the lesson at the test centre, ready for your test.

After the examiner has checked your licence and eyesight you’ll both get in the car. You can take someone with you, but they can only observe, not help.

The test lasts about 40 minutes, and you’ll drive in lots of different situations. For about half of the test the examiner will give you directions, and for the other half you’ll either follow a Sat Nav, or road signs.

You’ll do one reversing manoeuvre, and if possible an Emergency Stop. You’ll also be asked one “Show me” question (while you’re driving the car on the road), and one “Tell me” question while you’re in the test centre, before setting off.

When you get back to the test centre the examiner will ask you to park up safely and switch the car off. Then they will tell you the result of your test. Be sure to practice really well in your lessons, and you’ll have a great chance of a first time pass!

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