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On the day of your Theory Test take the documents that the DVSA have asked you to take, and get there a bit early if you can. (They might even let you start early if there’s any spaces!)

You’ll need to leave your belongings with the staff in a safe place, then you’ll be taken to the place where you’ll take your test.

Part 1: Multi-Choice questions

First up are the Multi-Choice questions. You’ll need to score at least 43 out of 50 to pass. If you’re not sure of any questions, just “flag” them, and you can go over them later.

Part 2: Hazard Perception

Then, it’s the Hazard Perception part. 14 video clips will be shown to you, and you need to click whenever you spot any possible hazards. You’ll need to score at least 44 out of 75 to pass this section.

Pass both sections and you’ve passed your Theory Test – and you’ll be one step closer to driving!

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